Your real body is sexy

Would not you like to see a lingerie brand that had real models ?
Afterwards it is very tiresome to see always to the same models that have to do with reality, and that must have been the same as those of the lingerie brand Aerie of the United States .
The message that the brand transmits: It's time to be realistic. It's time to think about reality. No supermodels. No touch-ups. Because ... Your real body is sexy.
A phrase really pretty especially for people who constantly try to look like models and when they upload pictures to social networks you look at the pictures and say "Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence".
The models of these images are not retouched in any photo but if they are made up and I personally think they are very beautiful much better than the sticks we see sometimes and that due to photoshop instead of having 5 fingers they have 6, they lack a piece of leg ...
You see so many weird things with photoshop ... like for example when we talk about Famous with or without photoshop or Lady Gaga without photoshop It is a real pity that they make this abuse of this program.
And so defying the world this brand has reached a lot and with real girls. But of course then comes one of the models of these pictures and loose that sometimes I would prefer to use the little magic program and see some of the touch on it and of course we have already bundled it.
And what do you think? Should it be retouched or do you like the way they look in the photos? Do you like real models ? Kisses