Repaskin Mender Liposomal Serum

Hello girls!
Today I wanted to tell you about a feminine cosmetic product called Repaskin Mender Liposomal Serum strong> of Sesderma. I already told you about the products sesderma a few weeks ago. And today I want to tell you about this treatment to repair the DNA that is very famous among beauty blogs .

My opinion about Repaskin Mender Liposomal serum:

It is a product indicated to counteract the harmful effects of UV radiation . Our skin is equipped with a complex defensive system that neutralizes them.

But most of the time this is not enough. When UV radiation from the sun's rays reaches the skin and reaches our cells, it can form thymine dimers that distort and modify the DNA structure.
As a result there are wrinkles, spots, burns ... A silent and visible skin damage that we can now repair using Repaskin Mender liposomal serum .

The serum contains the Shield System technology to repair skin and placton liposomes, microccus liposomes, arabidopsisthaliana liposomes, amino acids, zinc chloride and teprenone.

How to use the Repaskin Mender Liposomal Serum ?

Apply 4 drops on the hand and massage until completely absorbed. We will do this before applying the products of our daily routine.

Repaskin Mender Liposomal Serum

Ingredients of repaskin mender liposomal serum:

ingredients Repaskin Mender Liposomal Serum

Its size is 30 ml and its approximate price is 25 - 30 € depend Wherever you buy it from, you can find a price or another.

I recommend that you use it because in this way you will protect yourself from the sun all day safely, the sun is the great enemy of our skin.

I have enough products from this brand of female cosmetics , and the truth is that today, I still have not disappointed any of their cosmetic products.

What do you think the Repaskin Mender Liposomal Serum ? Have you signed up for the draw?